Self Portrait

So I decided to try out doing self-portraits this year and was lucky enough to shoot this when I staying at my mom’s place in her rose garden. I had a wig and costume jewellery from a previous occasion and a dress my sister-in-law lent me which she had from a wedding and I threw this character together. I’m normally too shy to jump in front of the camera and so this was a challenge. I left it alone for a little as I didn’t exactly know how to compose it how I wanted. During the lockdown, we were challenged to do a made at home and a self-portrait challenge by one of my favourite photographers @bellakotak . So I revisited the self-portrait I had taken and decided to add a few things to try transport you into my world and am quite happy with the outcome. I still have a lot to learn with composition and photoshop but proud of how far I've come so far. I finished the piece off with one of @the.colorlab actions “into the woods”

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